Rogers' Boyhood Home

39 Middle Street (private home)

After the marriage of Rowland and Mary Eldredge (Huttleston) Rogers in 1833, the couple lived in this Middle Street house, which had been the home of Mary’s grandparents Ruby and Stephen Merrihew. Ruby, who had married Jethro Allen Jr. after the death of her first husband, lived until 1835 and the Rogers may have been her caretakers during her last two years. The home was deeded in trust to Mary Rogers through the will of her mother Rhoda Huttleston in 1841.

Henry Huttleston Rogers, along with his siblings Eliza and Rufus, were raised here. Henry left home for Pennsylvania in 1861. His father Rowland died later the same year.

In 1888, a two-story addition was added to the home of Mary E. Rogers, where she dwelt until shortly before her death in 1899.